Arise recovery services

GARR-Certified Residential Care

We are pleased to be 

certified by the Georgia Association of Recovery Residences. 

    Meeting their criteria 

means we maintain 

the highest standards 

of structured recovery residences.

Two Levels of Care

Our Phase One program lasts 90 days. This abstinence-based program is followed by Phase Two, a Sober Living community,  for another 

90 days to one year or more, depending on a person's needs. 

Services Included in Monthly Fees

Included in Phase One: limited day transportation, food costs,  alcohol/drug screenings, five house meetings, and one Spiritual Life group each week. 

All 12-Step group 

participation within the community is required. 

We provide individual care planning, and  conferences with family. For those with legal issues, we coordinate with courts, probation, and attorneys.

Community Mental Health

Addiction is often made complicated by mood disorders. To address this, 

we have made strategic partnerships within our local community to offer low-cost and no-cost mental health services. As a result, stabilizing medications and recovery-related services are available to meet men's mental and emotional needs.

Individual Care Planning

We offer individual plans for one-to-one sessions with certified staff.

This is an added service and fee for residents in Phase Two.

Low Fees

Admission Fee = $500

Phase One: Three Months =

$1200 per month.

Phase Two: Three Months

to One Year or More =

$575 per month

Alternatives to Incarceration


Staff produces written alternatives for men with legal difficulties. This specialized service has an added fee. 

Please call or email Ewell Hardman, CEO, for more information at: 678-283-1462 or

Periodic Family Programs


Family understanding and engagement is important for our clients' success. Arise Recovery organizes educational events to help family members address their own recovery, due to the impact addiction has 

upon their lives. We will notify family members 

about pending events.

Peer Recovery Support Program

 Connection is vitally important for those in 

recovery. We participate in MAP Care Solutions, 

a peer recovery support system provided by 

the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse. It is 

a personalized, flexible service connecting our 

residents, and their families, with MAP Peer 

Specialists. Our staff educates those in our 

program about MAP Care, so they may take 

advantage of this optional means of support.