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We specialize in helping men who are struggling with addiction using our 3-phase, long-term approach. Is our program right for you? Our admission process will help to assess whether Arise is the right fit for your recovery. The process begins with a telephone conversation. Our counselors are here to answer your questions, and to hear your story. The next step is to click the links below and fill out our online forms. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us at (770) 719- 1746.

Intake Assessment

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Half-Way House Rules

1. No alcohol, mind, mood, or body altering drugs are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, CBD, Kratom, Smokable Synthetics, OTC “Gas Station Pills,” and edibles

2. No energy drinks may be consumed.

3. Financial irresponsibility will result in termination of services. Growth in responsibility is necessary for successful recovery. Financial irresponsibility includes ANY type of gambling (lottery tickets, poker, video poker, scratch-offs, etc.), as well as the non-reporting and hording of income. Pay stubs are to be brought to the office, and cash payments are to be deposited in PA accounts no later than the day after you receive them.

4. No violence, weapons, or pornography materials of any kind are allowed.

5. No smoking inside the apartments. No Vaping, E-Cig’s, or any other devices used for smoking are allowed. No smoking IN FRONT of the apartments. Do NOT throw cigarette butts on the ground; butt cans are provided, please use them. Cigarette butts on the ground will result in the loss of smoking privileges at the residences.

6. The cleaning and daily maintenance of the residence is a shared responsibility of all residents. Each morning, residents are to be awake, dressed, and ready by 8:30am, beds are to be made and all trash removed from the residence. There are to be no dishes left in sinks or lights left on in an unoccupied residence.

7. Punctual attendance at all community functions is required.

8. Absence from the community over four hours requires a Therapeutic Leave (T.L.). Absence of less than four hours requires staff notification and approval. Staff needs to know where you are at all times if you are not at work, meetings, or church. Accountability is key. T.L. requests and absences of more than four hours can only be submitted after the resident has been in the program for thirty (30) days. Requests are to be turned in at the beginning of community meeting (Mondays at 5:00pm) prior to leaving. All requests must be approved by staff, which occur in staffing on Tuesday, the following day. Residents are required to attend a 12-Step meeting every day while on leave, as well as a weekly morning worship service on weekend passes.

9. Attendance at all Arise meetings is required. Attendance at 12-Step meetings of six per week is required. Of these six (6) meetings, they should be mixed between AA and NA. Attendance at one (1) Spiritual Life meeting is required.

10. Weekly morning worship attendance is required at a church or synagogue of your choice; NO exceptions.

11. The only permitted jewelry pieces are wedding rings and watches. Piercings must be removed prior to or during the admission process. No bracelets or necklaces are to be worn (cloth, leather, or metals).

12. No iPods, CD/DVD/VCR players, laptops, computers, or entertainment systems are allowed at Arise Recovery during the first ninety (90) days. You become eligible to have your cell phone after thirty (30) days. Having a cell phone is a privilege and not a right. In order to receive your cell phone, you must demonstrate that it is a beneficial privilege that your behavior warrants. Residents must apply for their cell phone by processing it in Monday Community Meeting immediately following their thirtieth day, not before. There are to be no cell phones in Arise meetings or 12- Step meetings. If you are found using your cell phone in any meeting, your cell phone will be taken by staff.

13. Televisions are not allowed in the bedrooms. You will not be allowed any phone calls while you are on the buddy system from the apartments, other than to Arise Staff, a sponsor, or if work related. No calling family, friends, etc. while on buddy system. A personal business can never be operated from the residence.

14. Residents are to maintain a proper image while at Arise. This includes hygiene (daily showering) and haircuts (above the shoulders, above the ears, and above the eyebrows). This also includes dress appearance (no “sagging,” ripped or torn clothing, and no offensive slogans or designs displayed on clothing, including clothing promoting alcohol and drug culture).

15. Residents are not permitted to add any tattoos to their body during their stay at Arise. This includes homemade tattoos via hand-picking.

16. No unauthorized contact with family members is allowed – this includes meals, rides, shopping, etc. Seeing family is a therapeutic event and needs to be processed prior to and post-encounter.

17. Medications will be held in the office and dispensed three times weekly: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:45pm. Residents are responsible for handling their own medications once they are in their possession. There will be absolutely zero tolerance for sharing/trading medications. Any report of this happening will be investigated by staff and could lead to immediate discharge from Arise Recovery. Any store-bought medications must be approved by staff before their purchase.

18. All residents are to obtain full-time employment (minimum of 32 hours per week) or volunteer full-time, if approved by staff.

19. No emotional or physical pairing off is allowed.

20. Residents that arrive at Arise are to have no correspondence with the opposite sex during the first ninety (90) days. This does not apply to members of their family. Staff will address family contact on a case-by-case basis and may set healthy boundaries. Residents are to have no romantic/sexual involvement with anyone, regardless of gender, during the first ninety (90) days.

21. No visitors are allowed inside the residence or on the property. Family members may view the residence upon your admission. This includes sponsors and former residents of Arise.

22. No pets allowed.

23. Curfew is 11:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday;12:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

24. I understand that as a resident of this recovery residential program, I do not have a landlord-lease relationship and have no rights thereof. I understand that discharge may occur at staff discretion, based on failure to follow above rules or inappropriateness for community living. Further, I understand that upon notice of discharge by staff, I must leave the premises immediately with all my personal belongings.

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I have read and understand the house rules, orientation guidelines, my obligation to develop and carry out a contract, and my daily schedule of meetings.
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