About Us

Arise Staff

Ewell Hardman, M.Div., MAC, CCS, CEO


Ewell Hardman has 30 years experience in addiction services.  He is a retired United Methodist Pastor with a passion for supporting men in finding lasting recovery. As a Master Addiction Counselor, he brings his expertise to Arise 

Recovery Residences in designing and 

overseeing the program.

Larry Jenkins, COO, Program Director


Larry Jenkins brings over 20 years experience in addiction services and is a Certified Addiction Counselor II. He has a special talent in managing recovery residential environments.  His devotion to recovery and health brings a truly solid basis for men seeking long - term recovery at Arise. 

Jan Nerud, ARBCS, Residential Manager


Jan Nerud joined Arise in 2018.  In his role as residential manager, Jan is responsible for community meeting facilitation and individual case management.  He also interviews persons interested in Arise.   He works with clients suffering from Addiction by working with the legal system to obtain alternative sentencing.   His enthusiasm is inspiring